3Junior Agility Purpose:

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Promote positive dog ownership and involvement in agility (and later possibly adding additional dog sports — rally, obedience, junior showmanship, tracking, fly ball, etc.) to junior handlers and their families.

Encourage active participation (and club membership) in BOTC programs by junior handlers and their parents.

Reach the Southern Metro area 4-H youth involved in 4-H agility (there are currently about 1000 kids in Minnesota 4-H agility who have no connection to a local dog club).

Give junior handlers additional opportunity to improve their training and handling skills in a youth-friendly environment, enabling them to more easily transition to regular (adult oriented) class training programs and trials.

Develop future potential trainers and participants in the sports of agility and obedience training.

Compliment and support the areas existing junior handler agility and obedience clubs (MAC, SPDTC, TCOTC, and CACM in St. Cloud) by offering a program that will enhance rather than compete with their current efforts.

Promote camaraderie, friendship, and good sportsmanship amongst junior handlers.

Information About Junior Agility:

Junior Agility meets twice a month for agility run throughs, and fun with your dog and other junior handlers. 4-Hers are welcome.

Enrollment per quarter: $5 for BOTC members/$10 non-BOTC members.

Regularly scheduled league matches provide valuable training and experience under show conditions.

Earn standard and games JFF titles for League participation.

Low entry fees $1 per run

5 Agility Levels you choose your level and jump height.

Beginner/Elementary: A-frame at 46(beginner) or 50 (elementary), open tunnel, closed tunnel, table, and jumps.  Handlers may choose to show on or off leash until they receive their first qualifying score.

Intermediate:  A-frame at 56, 6 weave poles, tire, dog walk, and broad jump in addition to the beginner/elementary obstacles.




Requirements for League Membership:

Handlers must be capable of controlling their dog.

Dogs must be 12 months old, in good health, and current on vaccinations.

Dogs must have completed a beginner level agility course prior to league enrollment.

Parents/responsible adult must stay for all league matches.  Parents and juniors are expected to volunteer at every league match (set up, tear down, scribing, timing, scoring, bar setting, chute straightening, etc.).

Dogs must be non-aggressive to humans and other dogs.  Aggressive dogs may be dismissed.

Junior Handler Agility League Rules

Junior Handler Agility League Registration
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Junior Handler Purpose
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For league information and enrollment, contact:
Leona Hellesvig
5626 Nicollet Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55419

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Junior Agility Instructors

Leona Hellesvig

Substitute Agility Instructor

Leona has been training her own dogs in Conformation (56 yrs), Obedience (49 yrs), Agility (23 yrs), Rally (13 yrs), Trick Dog (3 yrs), and Freestyle (2 yrs) and she has a Therapy Dog.

Has competed in Conformation (AKC, UKC, CKC), Obedience (AKC, CKC), Rally (AKC, UKC) and Agility (USDAA, AKC, CPE, NADAC, ASCA, UKC). Judges USDAA Agility

Breed: Cocker Spaniel, English Toy Spaniel, Australian Shepherd

“I want students to develop an on-going relationship with dogs and enough of a skill-set that they can be successful in the show ring if they choose to show their dog.”