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Beginner Flyball is an 8 session course introducing the dog and handler to the fast-paced, exciting sport of Flyball.

In this class, dogs will be introduced to the following Flyball fundamentals:

  • Intro to Jumps
  • Building a box turn- using wall touch exercises and a training chute
  • Chase game- to build and increase drive back to you
  • Hups over Jump Board – to teach body control
  • Catching (mouth/eye coordination)
  • Restrained recalls
  • Passing – teaching the dog to pass another dog during a race
  • Box Hit-its – to teach a fast, yet safe, box turn

These skills will help your dog build muscle memory and drive, be more competitive and love the sport of Flyball.

Each dog learns at a different pace and class instruction will be tailored to fit each individual dog’s needs and skill level.

So, if you have a ball crazy dog who loves to fetch, Flyball may be the sport for you!

Strong Recall – Some obedience is nice but not necessary, you just have to be in control of your dog. Your dog must be comfortable being touched and handled by someone other than the owner, including having their collar/harness grabbed and being touched or held on various parts of their body, etc.

*Note: Please arrive to class with your dog on a 4-6ft leash and a standard flat buckle or rolled leather collar, or body harness. No “flexi” type retractable leashes please.
Feel free to bring your dog’s favorite toy and/or small, soft treats for rewards.

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Sara Chouinard (Director)

Flyball, Puppy Kindergarten and Puppy Plus Instructor.
AKC approved CGC and Trick Dog program evaluator.

Sara has been training dogs in various venues for over 10 years.

Competes in; Obedience, Rally, Agility, Flyball, Lure Coursing and Barn Hunt.

Breed:  Shetland Sheepdogs, Border Collie

Her first passion was Obedience, and she continues to share that passion with students in Puppy Obedience classes.
When she discovered Flyball in 2011, it didn’t take her long to get hooked on the sport and, a few years later, she apprenticed to become a Flyball instructor.


“The most important thing for me is to be able to share my passion for each of these sports with my students, whether that is in Obedience class, or Flyball class. I want my students to forge a partnership with their dogs through training that will last the lifetime of the dog.”


Alysha Riel

Flyball, Puppy Skills I & II Instructor.
AKC approved CGC and Trick Dog program evaluator

Sharing the fun and exciting sport of flyball with students is a passion of mine.

My dogs Olive, Rocky, Zero and Ouija train in a wide variety of competition sports including Flyball, Agility, Obedience, Rally, Barn Hunt, Dock Diving and Lure Coursing. Olive is a two time Dock Diving National Champion, Flyball Grand Champion and a two Barn Hunt Champion. 
“My goal as a trainer is to give your puppy the building blocks of knowledge and to enable you to communicate as a team- no matter the goal.”